Gun Engraving

Let RIW design something
unique for you
At Rugged Ironworx, we are here to provide top quality firearm engraving and marking services for all our customers at the best possible prices.  We can turn your factory gun into a personalized custom piece that you can pass down from generation to generation.
We can reproduce logos, military emblems or official seals.  Choose from our swatch of background patterns or have one made especially for you.

Our lasers are capable of engraving on metal, polymers or wood.  Have an idea, let us bring it to life for you.  If not, we can help design something to fit your personality. 

NFA Engraving

We are a licensed FFL Shop that can receive your firearms in the mail with quick turnaround times
NFA firearms must be identified by a serial number and other specified markings.  We at Rugged Ironworx can provide the requirements of size, depth and content based on ATF rules and regulations for AR lowers and suppressors.
Being a licensed FFL company allows us to engrave firearms from out-of-towners that are not able to travel to our facility.  We accept jobs from anyone who would like to send us their firearm.  With quick turn-around times, you will not be without your everyday protection or the AR that needs an NFA engraving to make it legal, for long.

Cerakote Services

Choose from a large selection of cerakote colors and types
We are a one-stop shop.  Maximizing your options for custom firearms, we offer cerakoting on pistols, rifles and shotguns.  From single color to multi-color applications, you can have it all.

Frame Modifications

Improve the function of your firearm with modifications made especially for you
Frame modifications are not only an aesthetic improvement to your favorite polymer-framed handgun but also can improve the function of the firearm.   
SINGLE UNERCUT:  We reduce a section of the trigger guard to allow your hand to sit higher on the handgun making it more comfortable and reduces the recoil by lowering the center of gravity.  
DOUBLE UNDERCUT:  A double undercut adds an additional trigger guard reduction to the single undercut giving your off-hand a guide for placement as well as lowering the center of gravity.  
FINGER GROOVE REMOVAL:  Depending on the size of your hand, finger groove removals allow shooters to align their grip more comfortably on the handgun and allows more room for stippling.
MAGAZINE RELEASE SCALLOP:  Our magazine release scallop makes the mag release button protrude further allowing for easier access in releasing your mag.
INDEX LEDGES:  Index ledges give you a ridge to place your thumb, giving you a better grip to reduce recoil.