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My wife and I had a dream of creating unique and memorable items for customers to cherish.

I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and proud to be a part of Acadiana's veteran community. After completing my military service, I became an Underwater Welder / Commercial Diver in the Acadian area's oil and gas industry for many years. I have a passion for my family, faith, firearms, motorcycles and creating items out of steel.

My wife, Andrea, is very creative and comes from a very unique craft and computer designing background. At one point, she owned her own custom sign company. She is amazing at putting ideas into reality and ultimately onto the "canvas" of your choice. Her passions include her family, her faith community, scrapbooking and anything design or craft oriented.

We have merged our passions together into the business we have created at Rugged Ironworx!!!

If it can be visualized, it can be engraved...on anything! We are creating an endless line of custom items that are as individual as you are. Think of custom tattoo's or artwork on your very specific items!

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