Looking for a unique baby gift that parents will cherish forever?  Our Custom Laser Engraved Baby Block with their Newborn Stats is the perfect unique gift. 

Choose from 3", 4" or 5" block

Engraving Information Need in Custom Stats Field;
     1:  BABY NAME:  First, Middle, Last

     2:  GENDER:  Boy or Girl

     3:  DATE BORN:  Month, Day, Year

     4:  TIME OF BIRTH:  ##:## AM or PM

     5:  DAY OF WEEK BABY WAS BORN:  Monday, Tuesday, etc

     6:  WHERE BABY WAS BORN:  City, State

     7:  WEIGHT:  Pound, Ounces

     8:  LENGTH:  Inches

Optional Baby Block Stand in Pink, Blue or Gray, 2 styles to choose from

Also comes with FREE Organza Gift Bag

Custom Engraved Baby Block w/Your Babies Newborn Stats 3", 4" or 5", opt Stand

SKU: 813 / 814 / 815